Soothe Essential Oil Roller Blend

by Living Earth Aromatherapy


Supremely calming and refreshing for body and mind

10ml roll-on bottle

Headaches? Upset tummy? Traveling? Hungover? Sunburn or insect bites? Reach for Soothe. Refreshing and calming for body and mind, Soothe is all-natural sweet relief.
Massage gently into temples, back of the neck, abdomen and/or pulse points as needed. For insect bites or sunburn, apply to hands and then smooth gently on to affected skin.

Perfect for: – Headaches, – Upset tummies, – Travel, – Hangovers, – Insect bites, – A quick, soothing pick-me-up

Scent: Soft, sweet minty herbal


Topical application of Peppermint oil can significantly reduce headache intensity. Its local anaesthetic action is also considered significant and is helpful in relieving muscle pain, joint pain and insect bites. Peppermint oil is one of the most effective essential oils for the digestive system. It relieves dyspepsia, stomach pains and diarrhoea. It is an effective remedy for nausea and is good for relieving travel sickness.
Peppermint oil helps people become clear headed. It prevents congestion of blood supply to the brain, and stimulates circulation thus strengthening and calming the nerves.


Lavender is soothing, calming and relaxing, and is recommended for the treatment of migraines and headaches. It is also calming for the digestive system, good for children’s tummy aches, helps reduce the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and helps treat diarrhea caused by viral infection or nerves.
It is also commonly associated with burns and healing of the skin. It is useful for the treatment of sunburn and can take the sting out of an insect bite.

Eucalyptus radiata

Eucalyptus radiata is stimulating, refreshing and clearing. It clears the head wonderfully and relieves headaches and neuralgia. It is also recommended for insect bites and muscular aches and pains. Eucalyptus radiata is an antispasmodic and recommended for abdominal cramps.

Roman Chamomile

Since antiquity Chamomile has been used internally for digestive disorders and externally for skin and mucous membrane irritations. Its sweet scent is soothing, calming and antidepressant and used to alleviate migraines, headaches and insomnia. Roman Chamomile is also soothing on the digestive system and is used for treating colic, diarrhea, poor appetite and indigestion.



Roll-on aromatherapy blends are arguably the easiest and most pleasurable way to incorporate essential oils into day-to-day life. All you need to do is select the benefits you want to experience (or the scent you want to wear!), apply the blend to your skin, breathe deep and enjoy.

Their small size and ease of use make them perfect to keep in a handbag, in your desk drawer or on the bedside table.

Aromatherapy roll-on blends also make perfect gifts. They are thoughtful, beautiful, all-natural and feel like a little bit of luxury.

All Living Earth Aromatherapy roll-on blends are carefully designed and hand-blended for maximum benefit and exquisite scent. They are all nothing but 100% pure high quality essential oil blends diluted in a sweet almond oil base, making them safe to be applied to the skin.

Essential oil roll-on blends are best applied to the “pulse points” – the inner wrists, temples, and back of the neck, but they can also go on the neck below the jawline, on the upper chest, abdomen, soles of the feet… just about anywhere.

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Living Earth Aromatherapy

Living Earth Aromatherapy was born out of a desire to share the incredible therapeutic benefits of all-natural, pure essential oils.

Essential oils are pure extractions that truly capture the essence of flowers, herbs, woods and citrus. As such, the use of essential oils via aromatherapy has a unique power to both reconnect us with the natural world and to bring our bodies and minds back into their natural harmonious states.

For thousands of years, people have understood the power of scent to bring about desired mental and emotional states, and the power of plant extracts to benefit the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. It is my aim to bring the gentle yet incredibly powerful therapeutic benefits of essential oils alive for you, and to make incorporating them into your lifestyle a beautiful and uplifting experience.

Why Living Earth Aromatherapy products?

1) Quite simply, they work! I've had incredible feedback from customers telling me their sleep has improved, their kids sleep longer in the morning, they feel calmer, their headaches have eased, their menstrual cycles are easier and less painful, and on and on....

2) I never cut corners. Every single one of my products is designed to be as effective as possible, there are no "filler" oils. It's a matter of pride to me that I use the absolute best.

3) They're beautiful. Not only are they therapeutic, my blends are a really beautiful addition to your life. They're a little bit of luxury and a reminder to take a breath and reconnect with joy in every moment.

4) They're all designed, blended, bottled, labeled, packaged up and posted by me. My products are created and handled with absolute love at every stage, and I've been told that you can tell.

5) Living Earth Aromatherapy is an environmentally conscious business. All of my postal packaging is either reused or recycled, and can be reused, recycled or composted. And 5% of all LEA profits go to to the Bellingen Centre for Ecological Learning.

6) My extensive range of blends means you're bound to find one perfect for you...

All natural. Small batch. Hand blended. Unique.

Treat yourself to the absolute best.

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