Pod Star Double

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The Pod Star Double is a great choice if you have 2 shots per coffee or you make more than 1 coffee at a time. Made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel, designed to last a lifetime. It is a zero-waste product, which is helping to stop the millions of single-use capsules being produced and going to landfill every day.

Simply fill the capsule with your choice of ground coffee from your coffee supplier or cafe, ground to a fine-to-medium grind, and place into your Nespresso®*machine.

Using Pod Star capsules saves you money.

Each Pod Star Double Pack includes:

2 x Pod Star Capsules
1 x Spare silicone O-ring
1 x Coffee scoop
1 x Cleaning brush

The Maths:

2 x Pod Star made coffees per day will save 730 single-use capsules a year being produced and going to landfill or being recycled at a large cost to the environment.

2 x Pod Star made coffees per day will save you approx $146 – $292 per year (depending if you use 1 or 2 capsules-full per cup and based on our coffee at $16 per 250g bag and a single-use pod cost of 70c each)

This pod works in the original Nespresso machines, not the new Vertuo machines. It is not compatible with Aldi, Caffitaly or Dolce Gusto machines.

Note: Do not use espresso ground coffee in the capsule, as it’s too fine for capsule coffee.

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Additional information

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Star Eco Products

Hi! We are Mark and Kirsten, an Australian and a New Zealander living in Sydney, married for some years now. We're passionate about the environment, people and animals, design, and coffee! Mark has been a designer pretty much forever. He designed Australia's iconic music award, the Aria, in 1990 and has been designing for products and marketing ever since.
We want to do what adds value, gives people freedom, and helps the environment. And we want to leave a world for our kids and their kids, that is improved in as many ways possible. We're driven by good technology, design, and innovation where creativity meets purpose.

We started Pod Star due to our own love of coffee. We had a Nespresso machine in our office and wanted the choice to use our favourite coffee. We were alarmed to learn of the waste associated with single-use pods, and this drove us to find a solution.

But it doesn't stop just at the solution, we use padded envelopes made from recycled newspapers to pack your order, our courier is carbon neutral and our packaging has no laminate so can be recycled.

Join us on our journey as we try and make an ecological dent on waste.

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