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Want to get your kids involved in becoming greener at home? Or perhaps they are pestering you about becoming more eco-friendly? Whichever one it is, try and remember that everything we do has an impact and an influence on our children so when trying to raise kids who are eco-conscious, it is really important to set a good example for them.

Let kids make choices

As well as letting your actions be an example, talk to your kids about the choices you make and why you are making them. Let your kids make choices when out and about and discuss why they are making those choices. Ask your kids questions to engage on these topics and get them thinking about things such as plastic use and water conservation and how the environment is affected by our actions.

Be consistent

Stick to your guns and don’t cave in when your child is begging you in the supermarket for a bag of individually-wrapped lollies; offer an alternative like fruit individually-wrapped in its own skin (ha ha). That said, we can’t live a perfectly eco-friendly life all the time. Making small, regular changes to your habits is the best way to go so don’t beat yourself up when your choices are limited and you have to grab something not on the ‘green’ list.

So if you are getting started on a green journey with your family, avoiding the 5 products listed is a very good start, will save you money, and make a huge impact on the environment. Just think of the reduction in your family’s landfill rubbish alone!

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Plastic fruit and vegetable bags

What’s with those? You are going to wash everything before you use them so no need to keep them clean. Put it all in your own reusable bag, tip it out on the register and then repack! Or just leave them loose in your trolley and then pack them once they’ve been scanned/weighed.


Seems an obvious one but avoid poppas etc. that include plastic straws and those annoying plastic wraps that end up on the floor and under the lounge and in the bottom of the fridge. If your kids love drinking with straws, invest in some reusable ones (bamboo or stainless steel) and take them with you. Your kids will be super-excited to have their own straw to take with them.

Cling wrap and plastic sandwich bags

A reusable sandwich box, reusable bag or reusable wrap are just as good and keep everything fresh. Beeswax wraps are actually anti-bacterial so keep things really fresh and kids will love the cute designs. Again, you can buy each child their own design so they can use their own each day. You know how kids love that!

Buying water

You should ALWAYs carry reusable drink bottles and fill up wherever you are. It saves you money and reinforces good habits. Your kids like it cold? Freeze before leaving the house and wrap in a teatowel to contain the condensation. Once the ice starts melting, you can top up all day and have cold water.

Single use cups

Even if it’s treat day and the kids are having a hot chocolate or a babycino on the go, carry those cute little reusable coffee cups for them. They love it too as they feel like they are having a coffee like a grown-up! More than one kid? Buy different colours or put on name tags so they know which cup is theirs. They will love this!

So short and sweet (and easy)! Give it a go, reduce your impact immediately and enjoy getting your kids involved.

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