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Christmas Day is looming. Are you still at a loss as to what to grab for your favourite people? Want to make sure your gifts are ethical, low impact and eco-friendly? No time to DIY your gifts (if you do have time, check out my tips here)? No time to go to busy shopping centres and load up with last-minute, thoughtless gifts?  GREAT!

Check out this snappy list of pressies you can grab online that will tick everyone’s boxes and make sure people are heading into 2019 with a greener outlook:

  1. Reusables – grab a few of the daily basics such as a coffee cup, bamboo straw and beeswax wraps and then put them in a reusable shopping bag – viola! You’ve just helped another person make the change to avoid plastics! Grab some online here.
  2. Ethical clothing and shoes – fast fashion is a big environment killer; inorganic materials produce dangerous carbon emissions and stacks of clothing ends up in landfill. Why not buy some beautiful, organic ethically-made clothing for people this year? Etiko have super-cool gym boots, hoodies and underwear and are Australian-made – click here to check them out.  Boody Eco Wear are also Australian and have an awesome range of bamboo basics that are super-comfy and good for the planet. Their babywear is adorable too if you have some little tackers to buy for.
  3. Natural, organic beauty products – so here’s the thing. Eco-friendly isn’t all about coffee cups and straws. It can be beautiful, natural products for your skin, hair and body that don’t harm animals or contain chemicals. LOTS of people love these luxuries for Christmas gifts and you may convert some people to a greener brand in the process. Nourished Life stocks a range of natural and vegan products you could try – from hand cream to face masks to body brushes to lip balm – check them out here.
  4. Plastic replacements – old habits die hard and lots of people have been buying the same products for years without thinking of alternatives. This year you could give presents that let people know about the amazing range of biodegradable products out there such as bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars and charcoal dental floss. And don’t forget, the best wrapping paper/gift bag is a reusable bag!
  5. Natural products for the home – another big area which contributes to environmental damage is cleaning products for the home; they are invariably encased in plastic and also contain nasty chemicals that aren’t good for people and pets who come into contact with them. There are some amazing recipes out there to DIY your cleaning products but if you can’t be bothered or can’t find time, why not grab some for gifts and show people how the natural stuff can work just as well as the chemical-laden stuff? There is an amazing range out there which includes things such as natural soap, disinfectant spray, insect repellant, dishwashing tablets and even toilet cleaning tablets! Give them a go here!
  6. Eco Start gift packs – as mentioned earlier, you could grab some products and bundle them into your own gift pack for Christmas but if you want the hard work taken out, why not grab one that is already made? Click here for an amazing natural skin care pack that would be perfect for someone starting their chemical-free skincare journey.

So there you have it. No need to search for hours, no need for busy shopping centres, no need for an attack of the guilts over the amount of plastic and wrapping paper you are using.

You are only a few clicks away from ethical, eco-friendly gifts that you can feel good about! Get clicking!

And if  you are planning a low-waste xmas, sign up below to grab your free low-waste xmas checklist with some simple tips to help you out.

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