Thank you for checking out Rebel Eco! This means you are keen to learn more about realistic, eco-friendly changes you can make to help our planet and we couldn’t be more thrilled!


Our purpose is to help the world by providing access to information and products to assist everybody to live a greener life and adopt habits that motivate others to do the same. We aim to create awareness of global environmental issues and the mindful steps you can take to make a difference.


A major trigger for us to go down this path was the birth of our daughters; it really made us think about what kind of world we were leaving them and how our actions could have an impact. Although we thought we were living an eco-friendly lifestyle, we realised we were still part of the ‘throw away’ culture to a certain extent. We are inspired daily by people coming together for change and are particularly passionate about helping other families establish a low-waste lifestyle and embed these practices in their children’s lives.


You are a hero and a rebel for your commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle; we know it has its challenges, but guess what? The smallest of changes makes a huge difference. If you start with a reusable cup for your daily coffee, you will have stopped up to 365 coffee cups from going to landfill each year!

Individuals have the power to change the world.  Rebel against convenience and consumerism.

We hope you will take advantage of the tips and blogs we share and wish you luck on your eco-journey!

Thanks Rebels!

Chloé xx

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