Hi, I’m Chloé!


I’m a mum and a realistic greenie who is super-passionate about helping people to make small lifestyle changes that have a big impact. I get it. Sometimes convenience wins when you have a busy life, but what if I told you there are plenty of ways to reduce your environmental impact that are simple and inexpensive?


My family has been living a low-waste life for quite some time; having children was the kick I needed to move from recycling and using reusable bags to running a low-waste home and business to help the planet.


I started Rebel Eco so I can help remove the overwhelm that comes with making eco-friendly changes by sharing tips and advice that make a difference. I believe that people from all walks of life can live sustainably without a huge effort or a huge price tag.


If you feel like you don’t have time to do all the research and make all the decisions, but would like to make a difference, I’m here to help.

This is my thing. I’ve got this. I share the tips, you get it happening!


Rebel Eco is:

a place to find sustainable-living online courses. Check out my courses here.

a place to get the latest tips and tricks for a low-waste life. Read my blog posts here.

a place for parents and kids to become greener together. Click here for tips.

a community to share ideas and thoughts on environmental issues. Join the Rebel Eco Family Facebook group

a place to learn about eco-friendly products. Click here to check out some of my favourite brands.


Committing to a lifestyle change is huge, and we can’t do it all, but the smallest of changes to your everyday habits makes a huge difference and the future thanks you!

Chloé xx

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