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Well, you have probably realised by now that Christmas is only a matter of months away (the media has a knack for inciting Christmas panic as early as possible) and you may already be wondering what to get Mum AND how to keep it eco-friendly?

The good news is that there are loads of eco-friendly gift options and it’s all about deciding what kind of mum you have and what she would like!

One thing I’m sure she wouldn’t like is something plastic that will end up in landfill, so it would be best to choose a sustainable gift that is earth-friendly and will keep Mum happy.


Choosing an eco-friendly gift often means thinking outside the box and handing over a gift that is quite unique and thoughtful or creating an experience that mum will never forget.

It can be amazing, so let’s get started with some ideas!

1. Homemade gift certificates. This is a great way to give someone an experience as a gift.

Create a gift certificate for a fun park, cinema experience, a fancy dinner, a weekend away or even a day of second-hand clothes shopping. I would love it if someone took me out to spend $100 in an op shop/thrift store!

The possibilities are endless with this one so think of something Mum would love and take her out for some fun.

2. Pre-loved stuff! Think about something Mum is really into and then see if a secondhand option is possible.

Is Mum really into classic fashion? Trawl secondhand stores (online or offline) for that unique piece that she’d die for.

Does she sew or knit her own clothes? Op shops are full of fabric, wool and all sorts of crafty stuff.

Which musical artist is Mum secretly in love with? Find the classic album or biography for her.

How about a really unique piece of jewellery from an antiques shop?

And if your mum is anything like mine, she gets through a lot of books and there is always an abundance of these available secondhand. Thinking caps on for an extremely personal gift!

3. New, but sustainably and ethically-produced. There are so many brands out there now who are only using sustainable processes and ingredients to create their products so if you want to buy new (probably a good idea for certain items such as underwear, activewear and swimwear), you can do so without the guilt.

Etiko has a range of backpacks and bags as well as clothing and shoes and everything is ethically sourced and made. They are also an Australian company so you are supporting local whilst you support the planet.

Boody has a range of basics that are all made from ethically-grown bamboo and there are even companies that are now making clothing from abandoned fishing nets and recycled plastic!

4. Grow your gift. If you are a keen gardener, why not use your produce to create something amazing as a gift?

A potted plant, cut flowers, some pickled vegetables, a range of seedlings to be replanted at Mum’s place, a little herb garden for the windowsill; these are all great ideas and can be the gift that keeps on giving if Mum has a green thumb.

5. Natural, organic beauty products. Once you realise how many nasties are in mainstream beauty treatments and products, it just makes sense to move to a chemical-free regime that is good for you and the environment.

What better way to show Mum a healthier alternative than by giving a few items as a gift or by making some homemade products to package nicely in glass?

If you are looking to buy some natural beauty products check out the range at Nourished Life .

6. Reusable menstrual products. This might seem like a very personal gift, but it also can be an amazing one that massively reduces a woman’s impact on the earth.

Did you know that pads and tampons contain plastic and just build up in landfill?

Modibodi has a range of awesome reusable undies that can be used for periods as well as any other inconvenient leaks that Mum may be experiencing. (Shhh!). And it makes your cycle waste-free!

7. Natural home cleaning products. Now, not to assume that Mum does most of the cleaning at home (who am I kidding?), but giving her some natural products is a great way to set her on the path of chemical-free cleaning. This is way better for people and pets in the home and way better for our waterways.

There are lots of recipes online for home cleaning solutions, so why not put together a little gift pack with some toilet bombs, natural cleaner and some biodegradable sponges?

If you aren’t into DIY, check out some all natural stuff here.

8. Reusable kit. Has Mum started to refuse single-use plastic or does she need a gentle nudge?

Put together a little kit for her to carry in her handbag with the essentials – bamboo/metal straw, coffee cup, water bottle, cutlery kit, cloth napkin, beeswax wraps – and she’ll be reducing her impact in no time.


Once you have decided on your Mum’s eco-friendly gift, give some thought to how it is wrapped too.

Some tops ideas are:

  • Newspaper and colourful twine
  • Leftover wrapping paper/gift bags
  • Kids’ paintings
  • A cute reusable shopping bag

Don’t forget if you are buying for your children’s mother or grandmother, get the kids involved in choosing the gift so they not only feel a part of it, but also get a little lesson on sustainable gift giving too.

ecofriendly online course

I hope these ideas are helpful when it comes to planning your gifts for Mum. If you are also buying for Dad, check out my post on eco-friendly gifts for Dad.

And don’t forget, if you found these tips useful, sign up below to receive your free checklist with simple tips to reduce your waste at Christmas.

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