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Have you got Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas looming and are asking yourself whether to grab socks or a tie this year?

Would you prefer not to get a tacky, plastic gift that will go on a shelf and eventually end up in the bin/landfill?

How about a sustainable gift that is not only guaranteed to be earth-friendly but will actually put a smile on Dad’s face?

How about I stop asking you rhetorical questions and give you my short and sweet list to get your mental juices flowing when it comes to your particular Daddy-o?

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Okay. Here it is:

  • Pre-loved stuff. Does Dad love old vinyl records or is he really in need of a leather jacket? Do  a quick op-shop or vintage clothing store run to see what treasures are hidden there. There is no end to the amazing stuff you can find and it may well be from Dad’s era so how wonderful and personal is that? If he is a reader, find him a secondhand book or 2; if he is a gamer, see if you can seek out an old Atari or Super Nintendo.


  • Sustainably produced clothing. Okay, so with this one, you really could grab Dad some undies or socks, but if you want to be a bit cooler than that, you can grab hightop sneakers, t-shirts, or thongs. Etiko has a range of backpacks and bags as well as clothing and everything is ethically sourced and made. They are also an Australian company so you are supporting local whilst you support the planet.


  • Gardening stuff. If Dad loves to garden, give him some plants for his garden or cuttings from your own. Fruit and vegetable plants couldn’t be more of an eco-friendly gift as it’s really the gift that keeps on giving (as long as you have a green thumb) by providing food year after year. If Dad keeps getting attacked by mozzies when he’s outside, try some of this all natural insect repellent. It is handmade in Australia from all natural ingredients and works a treat.


  • Eco-friendly bathroom products.  Shampoo bars, safety razors, body balm, even sustainably sourced toilet paper are all great ways to introduce Dad to a more plastic-free lifestyle and I’m sure he’ll love it once he gets started.


  • An experience rather than a physical gift. Rather than wrapping up a gift, purchase an experience voucher or take Dad to dinner. There are so many activities you could do from organized brewery tours to skydiving to cooking classes. Choose something that isn’t too polluting or damaging to the earth and go along with Dad to enjoy the experience together.



Depending on what level of ‘greenness’ your Dad has achieved, you could also grab reusables that will get him started on a more eco-friendly lifestyle such as coffee cups, bottles, stainless steel coffee pods, bamboo straws, beeswax wraps for his lunch and so on.

If you are buying for your children’s father, get them involved in choosing the gift so they not only feel a part of it, but also get a little lesson on sustainable gift giving too.

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