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‘Why didn’t you buy secondhand clothing instead?’

You look at the bags of brand-new clothes you just got during one of your latest shopping sprees. It’s fun and exciting to get new clothing, but… not great for your wallet.

And probably not that great for the environment either.

You sigh when you hear the voice in your head again: ‘Why didn’t you buy secondhand clothing instead?’.

I understand. The excitement of brand-new clothes is real. Not to mention the added bonus of ‘being in fashion’ or ‘fitting in’.

But switching to secondhand clothes comes with great benefits and really… It’s not that tricky to do either. Sarah Bando of Jumping Jack discovered her own reasons to make the change. And today, she’s very happy to share these reasons with you.

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Jumping Jack: Sell and Buy Secondhand Clothing Online

After the birth of her first child, Sarah realised how quickly babies and children (and pregnant bellies) grow – and outgrow their clothes.

As such, this wonderful woman was inspired to create Jumping Jack: an online marketplace for Australian parents to buy and sell secondhand baby, kids, and maternity clothes.

Sarah is determined to make a difference for the next generation by cutting out unnecessary textile waste and reducing the need for fast fashion items.

Best of all… She has teamed up with some amazing charity partners. This allows her customers the option to donate their profits to a cause of their own choosing.

And that’s not it! Sarah offers a ‘Clean Out Bag’ service for people who don’t have time to list their products online but would like to see someone else get use out of them. What a brilliant initiative!

9 Irresistible Reasons to Buy Secondhand Clothing

Sarah decided to do her part in creating a better world for her children (and yours). She realised the amazing potential of buying secondhand clothing.

Today, she shares with you these 9 irresistible reasons to buy secondhand clothing, so you can be inspired and make the switch too.

1. Help the Environment

Did you know that, next to oil, fashion is the second most pollutive industry in the world? Fast fashion and a throw-away society impact our planet dramatically. So, what’s the solution? You guessed it! Buying secondhand clothes.

Because when you extend the life of one single piece of clothing by a further 9 months, you can decrease the carbon footprint of this item by up to 90%. Isn’t this amazing?

But that’s not all! Buying pre-loved and gently-used items reduces the manufacturing demands on new products and keeps more items out of landfill.

2. Enjoy the Thrill of Discovering New Treasure

You may not believe this, but you can always find something new when shopping secondhand. Think of all these amazing one-of-a-kind items and those must-have bargains…

With an endless supply of unique things available and a feel-good feeling of knowing you’re buying better, you will love shopping secondhand.

3. Save Money When You Buy Secondhand Clothing

For sure, this is a no-brainer!

Pre-loved clothing items come at a much more affordable price compared to the stores. Even those clothes that are new with tags or barely used!

It’s also well-known that what is produced and promoted in seasonal trends will quickly go out of style. Shopping for, and finding, items that truly reflect your personal style will:

  • last longer
  • save you money
  • and create confidence in your own style.

Buying secondhand clothes helps you save money… and the environment. Bingo!

4. Forget About Seasons

Never be at the mercy of the seasonal trends in retail stores again. Now you can shop for whatever you need, whenever you need!

This is handy if you’re shopping for an event that is out of season, which means clothing is unavailable in the stores. Or perhaps you need to travel overseas or interstate and require warmer/cooler clothes than the current season. ‘Brand new’ stores will not be able to help you out then.

5. Grab the Chance to Get Creative

Because you’ll always find something new and different when buying secondhand clothes, it gives you a chance to get a little creative.

Reimagine styles and combinations you may not have considered or worn before. Or upcycle some of your newfound treasure into something new. Your options are endless!

6. Be You, Be Unique

When you buy secondhand clothing, whether donated or sold by other people, you’ll notice that these items often extend far beyond what is currently available in the shops. You can find some unique brands, styles, and colours. And let’s not forget about those hard-to-find school items, parties, or even costumes!

If you need to update your kids’ wardrobes or find those special items for your growing bump and baby, head on over to Jumping Jack. Score yourself something unique!

7. Develop a Sense of Curiosity

This is something all secondhand shoppers will agree with… Buying secondhand clothing items will develop a sense of curiosity: ‘What will I find next?’.

Every item you find tells a story, and you may find yourself wondering or imagining where it came from. Let’s face it… you could never get that kind of excitement and wonder from shopping in a regular retail store!

8. Develop Your Sense of Style and Self-Expression

Shopping for those one of a kind items not only gives you a chance to develop your own sense of style… You can also feel good knowing that it’s likely you’ll be the only one wearing it at the next event. Develop your self-expression and truly stand out from the crowd!

9. Give Your Old Clothes a New Life

Once you’ve discovered the love of buying secondhand clothing, it would also be worth considering donating or selling your own used clothes you no longer need.

Why not do a closet clean-out and give those items a new life with somebody who’d love to have them?

There are plenty of donation centres and op shops in all areas that are looking for donations of old clothing and household items. Or maybe you can organise a clothes swap with your friends?

Of course, selling your unused clothing items is another great way to give them a new life and… earn some extra pocket money.

You can sell your secondhand baby, kids, and maternity items on Jumping Jack. Remember that you can choose to donate the profits of some (or all) of your clothes to charity on Jumping Jack to support a good cause!

And there you have it… Sarah’s 9 irresistible reasons on why you should buy secondhand clothing that are bound to make you feel great.

Is there a reason that stands out to you? Why do you buy secondhand clothing, or why not? Let me know in the comment section below.

Jumping Jack is a local, family-focused business which makes the whole process of selling secondhand clothing super simple for busy families.

You can choose to list your own products for sale using the sell product form or send your clothes to Jumping Jack using the ‘Clean Out Bag’ service and have them sell them for you!

This is a game changer service for busy families who just don’t have the time to sell their clothes, but who still want to give their outgrown clothes a new life with another family.






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